Body Rebellion

2340 S Heritage CV
Logan, UT 84321
(435) 757-3274

Body Rebellion Boot Camp is the ULTIMATE INTENSE 6-week weight loss sculpting, & sports conditioning program (complete with 6-week weight loss energy and nutrition guide) designed for anyone looking to shape up. Your body will be challenged with sports drills, running, stair climbing, body sculpting, strength training, yoga/pilates, as well as core & stability training and more. You will be in a group setting with lots of variety, friends and support.

Program Features

  • 6 week program (3 different classes to choose from to meet your schedule)
  • 1 hour classes
  • 2 on-site personal trainers
  • Diet & Nutrition book
  • Bi-weekly weigh ins
  • Body measurements
  • Fitness assessments
  • 18 detailed, hard core workouts designed to push your body to the max

Free Trial Classes – Come give Boot Camp a try first!

You don’t need to register for the FREE TRIAL classes, just come! They are at our Nibley location. We will be doing a variety of different exercises to give you a general idea of a “day in Boot Camp.” Give us the chance to GET YOU SORE!