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Ya-Ya Sisterhood Party

Hosted by B98.7’s radio host Erin, the annual Ya-Ya Sisterhood party will feature palm readers, decorative hats, one-of-a-kind holiday items, tastings from Harvest Restaurant, and fabulous local vendors. Attendees are encouraged to don their most over-the-top finery and baubles. The fancy dresses, gaudy jewelry and feather boas should also be accompanied by extravagant headdresses – and no headdress is too grand or outrageous.


Put on the Ritz
Ruffles, bows, fancy dresses, and feather boas….nothing is too “over-the-top” for the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Party. Have a grand cocktail ring but no fancy parties to wear it to? Get a few more to keep it company and wear it. Frippery, regalia, finery, and baubles are all part of the evening’s magic.

Wear a Headdress
Wearing your own special headdress is the crowning touch, a way to transform the everyday you into an extraordinary Ya-Ya Sister. Making the headdress to express your true, beautiful inner self is all part of the fun. You don’t have to be artistic or even “crafty” to create the most stupendous, outrageous, and unique headdress in the world. Obtain a “base hat” from your closet, the attic, or a vintage shop. Use supplies at hand or visit a craft store.

Princesses and Her Majesties
It’s true that we can’t choose our own name at birth, but we can name ourselves as a member of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Come to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Party with your new name and join us to be officially named in your Very Special Naming Ceremony. The goal is to honor each other, welcome your new name, and celebrate the glorious uniqueness of each one of you.