A.X.W. Pro Wrestling

American Xtreme Wrestling is an independent wrestling company located in beautiful Salt Lake City Utah. Our goal as a company is to give the great fans of Utah the best possible pro wrestling,puroresu,and lucha libre available today. Our entire roster is comprised of many athletes that have been applying their trade in not only AXW but many major promotions such as XPW,JCW,NWA,AWA and the WWE. AXW wrestlers not only wrestle in Utah but many other states such as AZ, CA, CO, OR, WA, ID, WY, NM, TX, FL, VA, RI, ME, & also other countries Japan, Guam, & Mexico. We work with many non profit organization to raise money and donations for any and all situations. This is entertainment unlike any other! The only thing that we ask from our fans is when your at an AXW show you scream as loud as possible for your favorite wrestlers and boo the ones that you hate. We aim to entertain you and make sure that you have a blast! Bottom line when you come to our show we want you to have fun. Now hold on tight and get ready for a wild ride because this is AMERICAN XTREME WRESTLING!


Wrestling AXW

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