Cotton Jones with Oh My God

Cotton Jones with Oh My God and Paul Jacobsen and the Madison Arm

Cumberland, Maryland-based band, The Cotton Jones Basket Ride is an indie folk-pop band currently signed to Suicide Squeeze Records. The band started as a side project for Michael Nau, lead singer and creator of Page France, and has since become a full-time project, releasing a series of EPs and embarking on its first large scale tour.

Cotton Jones Band, Music, Musical Artists, Musicians, Acoustic, FolkBiology says: That people who live at high altitudes must develop physiological adaptations to the decreased amount of oxygen available in order to maintain homeostasis. The list of adaptations includes a heart that is proportionally larger thanthat of a person living at sealevel. Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw have hearts huge, hearts full of music that mixes elements of soul, rock and gospel into a gauzy cocoon of small town sound.