Dance Performance: Diana Crum

Performance artist Diana Crum and six dancers perform a site-specific dance in the Main Library’s Urban Room! They will develop a movement vocabulary based on their bodies’ response to and embodiment of characteristics of the site, including its architecture, social uses, and history. Urban DancingAfterwards, Crum and the dancers will be available for informal conversation about the work.

Crum’s work seeks to complicate existing architectures. These spaces embody social expectations and cultural codes. For instance, a road encourages forward motion. A park allows for lounging. Museums usually separate artworks from viewers and encourage quiet, respectful behavior. What if spaces embody multiple structures? Can a museum be a place to play? Can one move against traffic down the highway? Viewers become more aware of the advantages and limitations of a specific place.

Crum is based in Brooklyn and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University, and a Master of Fine Arts from Hollins. She has performed in New York, Georgia, and abroad. While in Salt Lake, she will be teaching classes in the community and showing work in theater settings.

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