Hypno Hick Comedy Hypnosis Show

Hypno Hick Comedy Hypnotism Show, Covey Arts Center, Provo, Utah, Utah County, Utah Valley, FamilyWitness a volunteer eat an onion like an apple! That’s right: they bite into it just like and apple and love it; no tears or bad taste. They are so happy to eat it. It is their favorite thing to eat all weekend—until the hypnotist wakes him up, that is. Then the tears fall like rain drops in a monsoon and the mouthful of onion is expectorated faster than a rocket car at the salt flats. He, of course, is promptly given water and breath mints.

Scenes like this play out at every Hypno Hick Comedy Hypnosis Show, which are almost always accompanied with sell-out crowds. Come see for yourself the power of hypnosis. See volunteers rush the stage to volunteer to be hypnotized and asked to do some amazing but mostly silly things. They enjoy singing and dancing like The King of Rock and Roll, swimming with Flipper the dolphin, and hearing music come from their friend’s shoe.

Hypno Hick has been performing for years and is a Master Hypnotist. He has performed at comedy clubs and schools, including the University of Utah, BYU, UVSC and Utah State, as well as Brighton High, Springville, West, Skyline and many other high schools around Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Nevada.

May 14th and May 28, 2011 at 7 p.m.

$15 preferred seating (first five rows)   $10 general admission