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Mike Massé and Jeff Hall are Utah attorneys familiar with the wheels of justice. They’re also musicians interested in doing justice to songs by Pink Floyd, U2 and Tom Petty.

The two longtime friends represent opposing sides in the criminal justice system — Massé is a Salt Lake County public defender, and Hall is a Salt Lake County deputy district attorney — yet they team up monthly to weave tight harmonies at the The Pie Pizzeria.

Set aside the members’ educational backgrounds, and the duo is much more than just another cover band. Using skills as a recording engineer that he learned in college, Massé has posted nearly 80 videos on YouTube that are brilliantly recorded and superior in sound and video quality.

The videos recently amassed more than 2 million hits, earning the Utah duo national and international fans.

Massé is a musical nut who began playing acoustic guitar at The Pie in 1993 as an outlet for creativity. Hall joined him on bass several years later.

They didn’t expect much from the gig, except a chance to relive their days as a cover band. Their only pay is tips and pizza slices.

But Massé, using his skills as a recording engineer, began recording their performances and posting them on YouTube. The videos caught on, attracting dozens of hits, then hundreds, thousands, and now millions.

Massé has been encouraged by fans all over the world to finance and produce his first album of original songs.

In the meantime, every first Monday of the month, he and Hall will be strumming their guitars and harmonizing at The Pie, playing to whoever will listen. And even if there is no one in the audience that night, the duo knows a global audience awaits.

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