“Natural Impressions” A Group Show

A group Art Show featuring Amy Ringholz, Lisa Lamoreaux, and Brad Stroman.

Amy Ringholz Art, Park City Utah, Gallery Mar, Lisa Lamoreaux, Brad StromanOver the last few years Amy Ringholz has taken the Western art scene by storm. Her energetic canvases and vivid imagination combine to create an inspired array of animals, each with their own playful personalities. Known for her atypical color combinations and bold, saturated colors, Ringholz’s palette begins with earth tones and then often advances bravely to cartoon/crayon hues. In addition, her animal subjects seem to display human qualities that engage the viewer through the power of personality and eye contact. Blessed with a gift, the creative spark and a pure heart, Amy brings her journey of discovery to her art. Amy Ringholz was chosen as one of Southwest Art Magazine’s 21 Under 31 Emerging Artists of 2005.

Lisa Lamoreaux creates in the moment. Her mixed media works are a result of going to her canvases in a feverish, intuitive fashion, often without any plan. She responds to the images, maps, and textures that they comprise her works, creating a layer of mixed media papers with oil and acrylic paints. Her work process allows Lamoreaux a free mind to discover the relationship between the medium and brush. Her results are more interesting, complex narratives and compositions than their original, subjective concept. This process of “getting out of the way” holds deep meaning for the artist. She labors to both stay present with the process and to notice the connections between her internal state, environment, and the manifestation of each in her work.

As an artist-activist Brad Stroman combines his passion for making art with his concerns for our environment. His abstracted still life paintings are exhibited nationally in both solo and juried group shows, and are included in nearly 100 private and corporate collections. The work reflects the intimate and fragile relationship between man and nature, and features man-made wall textures alongside natural elements such as river rocks, tree limbs, fragile eggs, and other elements. By incorporating the Japanese Zen Buddhist aesthetic of wabi-sabi, Stroman creates a stage where both nature and man-made surfaces and objects play out their balancing act. Wabi-sabi professes a belief that all things are incomplete, impermanent, and imperfect.

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