Open Mic at the Muse

Apart from maybe a roadside panhandler humming a lonely tune into his harmonica, an Open Mic night at a local venue is about as raw and honest as the modern music scene gets, Open Mic Night, Provo, Utah, Muse Music, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriters, Live musicand Open Mic Night at Provo’s own Muse Music is just the ticket.

If you and your friends are searching for a quiet, late-night place to sit, talk and munch on food or you are in a band looking for somewhere to record your music -Muse Music in Provo, a place where music lovers find local talent, could be the place for you.

Muse Music is one of Provo’s best-kept secrets.

*Expired Event

.Muse Music
151 North University Avenue Provo, UT 84601
(801) 377-6873