Plan-B Theatre Presents: BORDERLANDS

Plan-B Theatre Presents: BORDERLANDS A world premiere by Eric Samuelsen March 31-April 10 at the Studio Theatre, Rose Wagner.

Plan B Theatre presents Boarderland, Studio Theatre, Rose Wagner, Salt Lake City, UtahBORDERLANDS is about coming out—stepping forward, admitting who you are, telling the uncomfortable.

From the playwright: I wrote a play about coming out. Not just coming out in the usual sense—in fact, in BORDERLANDS, the one gay character is already out. It’s a play about all the other ways we come out as Mormons, about admitting that we don’t necessarily believe what we’re supposed to believe, or that we don’t always find it possible to live the way we’re expected to live. It’s a play about moments of unanticipated honesty, and the revelations that result. And it’s a play about the hard work of carving out a social space for those for whom none exists in our culture. So the characters in this play sit in an honesty car, and tell the truth about what liars they are. Because they’re Mormons, they’re much harsher in their self-judgments than they really need to be. And that pressure to conform blinds them to people who really are genuinely suffering. Finally, one young man finds a way to actually be what the other characters profess to be.


March 31-April 17 2011
Thursday and Friday 8pm, Saturday 4pm and 8pm and Sunday 2pm