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McKail Seely

Musician Singer-Songwriter from Utah

As young as she is, she has a voice that strikes of maturity and season. Beginning her career in a singing and dancing group, McKail was often chosen to perform as a soloist because of her strong range and distinctive style. Moving away from the group setting in the last year, she has chosen to pursue a career as a solo artist. In a recent talent search, the judge said of her, “She has great eyes and a wonderful smile and knows how to use both to her advantage.”

McKail picked up the guitar for the first time in the past year to begin writing her own original songs. Her talent on the guitar shone quickly as she began to perform just a few months after beginning, playing like someone who has been taking guitar for a few years, with fingering and chording that is indicative of those who have been playing for more than just a few months. Her performance and style has settled in nicely with her making a choice to play her own music.

McKail Seely

Brett Turner

The music of Brett Turner has something most musicians only dream of. With Guitar riffs that rival Tom Petty, Lyrical story telling reminiscent Sheryl Crow and Bob Dylan, and the ability to portray the rock and roll spirit of Mr. Johnny Cash himself, this talented one man band is inventing his own genre.

Brett Turner - Singer-Songwriter, Ogden, Utah, Folk Rock Music, AcousticBrett Turner is a working singer-songwriter from Ogden, Utah carving out his niche entertaining crowds with his acoustic Americana songs reminiscent of the 50’s west cost folk rock scene. Using a loop pedal to record drums, tambourine, and vocals in real time Brett creates unique sound that people stop and take notice of. A patron going out for a drink one night approached the manager of the venue saying: “I heard the music when I was coming in and was floored to see that much sound coming from one guy. He’s got more energy and sound than most 5 piece bands that I’ve heard.”

It’s that distinctive sound that gets Brett noticed. Last year Brett was offered a distribution deal with the label Tate Music Group (Oklahoma). He spent 2009 performing, recording and producing his project “All Across America” (Available June 2010) in addition to holding down a full-time job at a local Newspaper. As soon as he finished “All Across America” Brett began working on three smaller EP projects entitled the “Red, White, And Blue Sessions” (June 2010). Each CD contains five original songs recorded in a live format. Brett has since quit his job from the newspaper and will be hitting the road and traveling through small to medium sized towns across the USA starting in June to support his projects and earn his living.

Brett Turner at Winter Dew Tour

Brett Turner - Singer-Songwriter, Ogden, Utah, Folk Rock, Acoustic, Winter Dew Tour, Snowbasin Winter Summer Resort, ConcertsBrett Turner, singer-songwriter from Ogden will play at Snowbasin Resort in Huntsville, Utah as part of the 2011 Winter Dew Tour.

You won’t want to miss this!

Brett Turner – Singer Songwriter