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Acoustic Music at the Hog Wallow

Named after a rapid on the Green River, The Hog Wallow Pub is located kitty-corner to the historic Old Mill ruin at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon, renowned for some of the best snow on earth. It is the latest reincarnation of the oldest and most notorious bar in the Cottonwood Heights area.

Since its opening, Hog Wallow has received a number of awards including City Search’s “Best Outdoor Bar,” City Weekly’s “Best Neighborhood Bar” and “Best Escape From Downtown,” and Salt Lake Magazine’s “Best Suburban Bar.”

Hog Wallow Pub
3200 Big Cottonwood Canyon Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84121(801) 733-5567 ‎

Eric McFadden Trio (EMT)

A veteran of celebrated underground bands including Liar, the Eric McFadden Experience, Alien Lovestock and IZM, Eric McFadden’s sinister songs, vampiric vocals and flamenco-rock guitar improvisations have made him an icon along America’s western seaboard. Lest you dismiss the preceding as absurd hyperbole, consider the fact that McFadden has performed and recorded with the lordly likes of Bo Diddley, the late Joe Strummer, and Widespread Panic.

Eric McFadden Trio, Hog Wallow, Utah, Cottonwood Heights, Rock, Music, BandEric McFadden was destined to be different. His mother sang in an early incarnation of the Fugs, the Ed Saunders-led New York ensemble that was arguably the first underground rock band. Bob Dylan slept on the McFadden couch while Eric was still in the womb, and counter culture poet (and neighbor) Allen Ginsberg successfully protested when the family was faced with eviction from their Greenwich Village apartment. McFadden’s father turned Eric on to Jimi Hendrix and the Mahavishnu Orchestra at a young age—influences he would combine with flamenco, punk, and heavy metal to form a unique style.

Darin Caine “Electric Blues Guitarist”

Darin Caine Musician, Salt Lake City, Utah, Artist, Indie, Hog Wallow, Cottonwood Heights, Acoustic, Folk, MusicDarin Caine is a self taught Blues Guitarist who resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.

When Darin performs live he plays a variety of guitars from classic acoustic parlor guitars, twelve string acoustic guitar, National steel guitar, Dobro resonator, and some classic f-hole guitars all with unique sound. The Gibson 335 is what Darin play when he plugs in his electric guitar and is heard on the “Chaos Rearranged” album played through Fender tube amps. Darin has lived, painted, and played his guitar around the world.





Utah music fans know Stonefed. 400+ bar gigs, a state-wide television broadcast, multiple festivals and several live radio shows have made them hard to miss. The dance-jam band has been playing for almost a decade, making new fans and pleasing old ones each and every time. The Daily Utah Chronicle writes: “No matter how you put it, Stonefed is unique. Comparisons are hard to make, yet Stonefed, Galactic and Maceo all have a common trait – high energy.”



Texas Swing & Fiddling

Brian Thurber presents Texas swing or contest style fiddling which has its roots in the juke joints and roadhouses of the pre WWII southwest. Many of the basic melodies go back hundreds of years, but the chords that back up the tunes are modern swing chords. He also includes bluegrass, Celtic and contra dance music. Brian Thurber studied classical violin and started playing bluegrass and old fiddle tunes when he moved to Whatcom County in the 1970s. He has played in several local groups and currently plays with Katz and Dogz and the Dunton Sisters.

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