337 Project

Visual arts program with outreach activities including the “Art Truck” and as of 2010 is now a program of Utah’s premier contemporary art venue Salt Lake Art Center.

In 2007, the 337 Project allowed 150 Utah artists to transform an abandoned building that was scheduled for demolition into a stunning work of collective art. After three months of hard work, the building was opened to the public in May 2007 for six days. Nearly 10,000 visitors waited in line for up to four hours to experience one of Utah’s most exciting visual arts events.

In the years since, the 337 Project has continued to produce award-winning art in nontraditional and unexpected contexts, including “Urban Gallery” at Neighborhood House, a series of murals painted on garage doors; the Art Truck, a roaming gallery that brings work by nationally-recognized artists to schools and residential neighborhoods; and, an 18-hole, fully-playable, artist designed miniature golf course!

*Discontinued Project
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