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Family Art Saturday

Family Art Saturday at Salt Lake Art Center on Feb 12, 2011, Free, Family, Children's Activities, Sundance Film Festival, Art Galleries

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Family Art Saturday invites children aged 5-12 and their adult companions to explore Art Center exhibitions and participate in hands-on art-making activities led by a trained educator. Projects are suitable for a wide variety of ages and abilities. They often host a yearly Valentine’s Activity.

October 14, 2023, 2–4 pm
Second Saturdays, Free

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake Gallery Stroll

Downtown Gallery Stroll, Salt Lake City, Utah, Free, Art Galleries, Art Exhibits, Visual Arts

On the 3rd Friday of each month, galleries across Salt Lake will be open for the Gallery Stroll. A chance for the public to meet artists and browse the exciting and thriving visual arts market in Salt Lake City.

October 20, 2023, 6–9 pm Free
Monthly (3rd Friday)

Salt Lake Gallery Stroll

Salt Lake Art Center
20 S West Temple Salt Lake

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

As Utah’s premier venue for contemporary art, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is alive with activity: exhibitions, films, conversations with artists, community projects, a new Locals Only Gallery, live performances, a cafe, an art shop–and more!

Google Street View–Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
20 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Harmed – Art Gallery Exhibit

Harmed, a body work by artist Stephanie Wilde (Boise, ID) is about the corporate greed of the few and its devastating effects on the many. She began this series of intimately detailed ink, acrylic and gold leaf works as a response to idle gossip in her backyard: a local corporate CEO misused his power in the mid 1990’s and the scandal made national headlines. Perplexed, Wilde wondered how this individual lost his moral compass. Considering the corporate downfall of companies since Wilde began this body of work, this is a question many of us find ourselves asking of today’s corporate leaders. Depicting the debauchery and excess of those in power as they control and manipulate circumstanced and others, Harmed is about loss: moral, financial and perhaps most disheartening, loss of faith in the corporate world.

Harmed Exhibit Salt Lake Art Center

Sundance Film Festival New Frontier

Myth and Infrastructure and Dreaming of Lucid Living, Salt Lake Art Center, Sundance Film Festival New Frontier Multi media Exhibit, Art, Salt Lake City, UtahSalt Lake Art Center’s exhibition of Sundance Film Festival New Frontier opens the door to new forms of creativity. The New Frontier artists and filmmakers reconfigure art, technology, film, and performance to explore narrative structure, the three-dimensionality of the cinematic image, and innovations in transmedia storytelling.


Hours Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday 11am-6pm, Friday 11am – 9pm
Admission is Free

Go West Art Exhibit

“Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country,” the newspaper editor Horace Greeley advised his readers in 1865. The familiar quotation* registers a number of attitudes and concerns that characterized mid-19th century America: beliefs surrounding societal progress and social evolution; Go West Art Exhibit Salt Lake City Art Centerbeliefs (and doubts) about a stable and vigorous masculinity; and beliefs about independence and personal freedom. Such attitudes about the West intruded on and determined the kinds of stories that America came to tell about itself, the mythic ideas and iconographies it produced-stories and myths and icons that are alive today.

Go West brings together twenty contemporary artists who are engaged in an excavation of myths and ideologies of the old West. Working in a range of media (including painting, works on paper, sculpture, photography, and video), these artists offer up critical reflections on the West as both destination and destiny. Go West considers the varied reasons people came west over the years: some, like the Cherokee Indians, were forcibly moved west, while others, like the Mormons, sought exile here; some came in search of fame and fortune, while others staked their claim to a separatist space, away from mainstream society. The exhibition further explores such topics as: “promised lands,” the West as utopia, wilderness and land use, expansion and sprawl, and tropes of the frontiersman and cowboy.

Image: Digital Video still from Jeremy Blake’s Winchester, 2002, DVD. Courtesy Honor Fraser Gallery

337 Project

Visual arts program with outreach activities including the “Art Truck” and as of 2010 is now a program of Utah’s premier contemporary art venue Salt Lake Art Center.

In 2007, the 337 Project allowed 150 Utah artists to transform an abandoned building that was scheduled for demolition into a stunning work of collective art. After three months of hard work, the building was opened to the public in May 2007 for six days. Nearly 10,000 visitors waited in line for up to four hours to experience one of Utah’s most exciting visual arts events.

In the years since, the 337 Project has continued to produce award-winning art in nontraditional and unexpected contexts, including “Urban Gallery” at Neighborhood House, a series of murals painted on garage doors; the Art Truck, a roaming gallery that brings work by nationally-recognized artists to schools and residential neighborhoods; and, an 18-hole, fully-playable, artist designed miniature golf course!

*Discontinued Project
Art Events/Projects Happening Today

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