The Devil Whale w/ Red Jacket Mine

The first time I heard Brinton play was at Humpy’s [Anchorage, AK]…and I was blown away. He took the stage, played a couple chords, sang two notes, and completely silenced the crowd. He took charge of the room and by the end of his first song I seriously had butterflies. He is a killer lyricist, and also writes those melodies that get stuck in your head for days and days.

Anyone who has heard the music of Brinton Jones will agree that his songs are literature of the heart. Like a book bound by melody, harmony, and honesty, they unfold before you. Paragraphs become verses and chapters become choruses, leaving room for interpretation & relation. Brinton is an author as much as he is a songwriter. After you’ve heard his music and shut the book, you feel close to something that, before, felt so far away. You long to hear it again. Square Magazine

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Devils Whale