Afro-Brazilian Dance Circle “Roda”

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art which includes elements of physical and mental strength, beauty, and power. M. Jamaika often refers to capoeira as a “complete martial art” in that it encompasses a vast spectrum of movement and culture; it incorporates kicks, ground movements, self-defense, acrobatics, music, and tradition.

Capoeira Roda Circle, Dance Lessons, Afro, Brazilian, Martial Arts, Salt Lake City, Utah, Utah Arts CenterIt is played in a circle, or roda, with two members engaging in various attacks and defenses while maintaining a melodic fluidity. These movements are driven by the rhythms emanating from the roda’s instruments and vocal song. Capoeira was created by African slaves in Brazil over 500 years ago, and through Mestre Bimba and others, has since become a recognized art form. Capoeira can be done by anyone of any age or size and its benefits are evident in all who take it on. It is a beautiful expression.

Salt Lake Capoeira offers classes for all levels and types of students in Utah.

Classes focus on all aspects of Capoeira: strength, flexibility, movement, endurance, coordination, interaction, rhythmic skills, vocal and instrumental skills, cultural awareness, performance, and community.