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Fremont Indian State Park & Museum

State park with Native American petroglyphs & pictographs, hiking trails, including a museum with artifacts.

This video discusses the Fremont people and their culture. Learn about the rock art, artifacts, and mysteries they left behind. You will also discover the many recreational resources and outdoor opportunities available to the entire family.

Fremont Indian State Park & Museum
3820 W Clear Creek Canyon Road
Sevier, UT 84766

Mystic Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs - Monroe, Utah, Sevier County, Southern Utah, Health & Wellness, Concerts, Music, Acoustic, Camping, Hiking, Cabins

Natural hot springs in Monroe, Utah. Soothing soaking, grassy tent campsites, pioneer cabins, tropical fish ponds, hiking, biking & more!

Mystic Hot Springs creates an authentic environment that raises self-awareness through direct experience with nature, art, and antiquities.

Producer/Director/Artist Mike Ginsburg was traveling in his bus back to Denver from the last Vegas Dead shows in 1995, when he stumbled into Mystic Hot Springs. Instantly he realized that everything he was looking for was right there. Miraculously he was able to purchase the resort. Having worked since 1996, he is still at it! His artistic talent has been used to add new Soaking areas, restore pioneer Cabins, promote many wonderful Concerts, produce DVDs, create stunning Lampwork glass Jewelry and bring a special energy to this wonderful place.

History of Mystic Hot Springs

The Indians that were in this area were nomadic bands from the Ute, Shoshone, or Piute tribes. They would make their camps on the warm ground near the hot springs. They would soak in the springs for warmth and comfort. It is told that the Indians would paint themselves with red mud to keep them safe. Later as the settlers arrived, the hot springs became popular as a resting place along the “Old Spanish Trail”.

Mystic Hot Springs - Monroe, Utah, Sevier County, Southern, Concerts, Festivals, Music, Acoustic, Outdoor Camping, Hiking

Homesteaded in 1886 by the Cooper family, Mystic Hot Springs (formerly known as Monroe Hot Springs) has undergone many changes in the past 100 years. During the early part of the century, a collecting pool was made of wood at the bottom of the hill. Soon a dance floor was added, and people would come from miles around in their horses and buggies to dance and soak the nights away. Their motto “The home of mirth and merriment” still rings true today.

When Mike first began running the hot springs, there was only one cabin on the property (the Grow cabin). He knew he needed more of them because he rented them frequently. When he realized how much new cabins would cost, he started poking around the valley, thinking he may be able to acquire old shacks from the 40s or 50s. The first building he purchased was one of the first Pioneer cabins in the valley from 1865. He was amazed that anyone would want to part with such a unique piece of history. He realized that many people in the area see them as eyesores, and many cabins have already been destroyed to make room for things such as parking lots. He started acquiring more of them, especially the ones that seemed to not be cared for.

Mystic Hot Springs
475 E 100 N, Monroe, UT 84754

Monroe City, Utah

Mystic Hot Springs presents Wisebird Band

Wisebird Band, Rock Music, Mystic Music, Mystic Hot Springs, Sevier County, Utah, ConcertWisebird’s recently released self-titled album is a faithful testament to the band’s affinity for the roots of American music. The album captures the organic sound of Wisebird’s heralded live performances. With astonishing musicianship and a passion for song craft, Wisebird takes their audience on a journey–from the up-tempo, second line rhythm of “Immortal Blues” to the gospel-stomp of “Hell” to the gritty funk of “Daylight in the Swamp”. The impressive caliber of this ‘group on the rise’ is attributed to their years of hard work and dedication, which they continually bring to the table. Wisebird individually and collectively has shared the bill with such distinguished national acts as The Derek Trucks Band, The Doobie Brothers, Hot Buttered Rum, The Avett Brothers and many more. Wisebird has played shows from coast to coast, and has been warmly received at festivals such as Desert Rocks, Wakarusa and Las Tortugas. The band continues to garner new fans everywhere they go. With a well-earned popularity in the Western and Northern regions, Wisebird is currently digging their heels into the roots of the Austin music scene and delivering their addictive rhythmic vibes throughout the South and beyond. Hands-down; Wisebird is a show not to be missed.

  • Mystic Hot Springs
    475 E 100 N, Monroe, UT 84754-4235  (435) 527-3286
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